Hearthstone Home Design is committed to producing quality house plans at reasonable prices.

We are constantly adding new plans to our plan books and to our web site.

Each plan purchase consists of four sets of full-size prints and a scaled PDF set.

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Stock Plans
Plan Sale Fee $.50 per square foot – Up to 2000 S.F.
$.55 per square foot – 2001 S.F. to 3000 S.F.
$.60 per square foot – 3001 S.F. and above
Stock Engineering stamp and calcs. $350 – Up to 2000 S.F.
$400 – 2001 S.F. to 3000 S.F.
$500 – 3001 S.F. and above
Changes to stock plans $85 per hour
Custom Plans
$2.00 per square foot – Up to 2000 S.F.
$2.25 per square foot – 2001 S.F. to 3000 S.F.
$2.50 per square foot – 3001 S.F. and above


Each plan sale is valid for construction of a single home. Builders who wish to use the same plan more than once must purchase the plan each time they build. A 25% discount on the plan sale fee will be given for each re-use. All plans remain the property of Hearthstone Design, Inc.

We look forward to working with you. Please feel free to call if you have any questions, or if you would like an estimate on your project.

Engineering on stock plans may vary due to side conditions (seismic zone, snow load, etc.), and additional costs will apply to meet these conditions. If plans over 3001 S.F. are not up to current code, or if changes to the plans affect the structure, additional engineering costs will be incurred.

Engineering and drafting work on custom plans are included for most designs.  Additional charges may apply depending on the scope of the project. 

All square footages noted are above grade, finished square feet.