Writing a Website Review Essay

website review essay|website review essay

Writing a Website Review Essay


The first step in writing a website review essay is to identify the criteria you used to assess the website. This way, you can make your essay more original and turn it in with confidence. Then, you must ensure the website is easy to use. In addition, you need to share the benefits of the website with your readers.

Criteria for evaluating a website

One of the most important criteria to evaluate a website is whether it is well organized and serves a purpose. For instance, a web site should clearly state its purpose and provide contact information. It should also identify sources of information that support its content. In addition, it should be easy to understand and provide value to the target audience. In addition, it should be easy to find relevant information and use search functions that are easy to use.

Another important criteria to evaluate a website is whether it is credible. You can determine this by determining whether the authorship is clear. If the website is written by an individual, it should include their contact information. Authorship also gives them the authority to present information in an accurate manner. Also, a website should meet the CRAAP acronym, which stands for "Currency, Relevance, Authority, Accuracy, and Purpose."

Turn-it-in Originality Report

Turn-it-in is a website that allows students to check the originality of their writing and get feedback. The site uses text-matching technology to identify content that matches the text of other sources. Its 'Originality Report' shows a percentage of similarity for each submission, as well as a breakdown of what sources are used. Students can view their Turnitin report on any assignment by clicking on the Turnitin icon next to the assignment.

Turnitin reports are generated within a few minutes of submitting an assignment. If an originality report is not generated in this timeframe, students must re-submit the paper. If this does not work, students should contact their instructors. Turnitin also provides originality reports for specific file types, including Microsoft Word, plain text files, OpenOffice, Adobe PDF, and Hangul word processor files. Other formats supported by the service include Microsoft Excel, HTML, Rich Text Format (RTF) files, and Google Docs via Google Drive.