On the Bumpy Bus to Careggi and Boopideeboop

i was reading this|i was reading this

On the Bumpy Bus to Careggi and Boopideeboop


'On the bumpy bus to careggi and boopideeboop' was the title of this article. I was on a bus heading up to careggi and wanted to read something while I waited. Luckily, there was a book that I was able to read on the bus, and I was able to enjoy the ride. I was able to relax and enjoy my read while the bus was bumping along the bumpy dirt road.

on the bus to careggi

The hospital is under renovation. There's a free shuttle bus to and from the hospital. If you're traveling from Florence, take the A1 highway exit for Firenze Nord. From there, you can take the A11 highway to Peretola. If you're coming from other parts of the city, you can get off at the Del Garbo T1 Morgagni bus stop.