The Importance of an Essay Plan

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The Importance of an Essay Plan


Essays can be incredibly challenging, but with the right plan, it will be easier to write an effective essay. Before you begin your research, you should write down an outline of what you hope to cover. This will help you organize your ideas and focus your reading. Keep in mind that an essay plan is a living document, and it will likely change as you research.

Once you have a plan for your essay, you can begin writing. Write down the main ideas in small sections. Each section should consist of no more than a few hundred words, and each section should have at least one or two key ideas. Then, break each idea into paragraphs. Your goal is to write a 1500-word essay, but you should only use 200-300 words for each key idea.

You should also take quick notes about what you're going to talk about. You can do this by using sticky notes or index cards. Make sure you don't repeat any of the same points, and that each point is supported by evidence and personal examples. You should also make sure your essay is clear and has a logical flow from beginning to end.

When drafting your essay, keep in mind that the early drafts are messy. You'll need to revise them a few times. The final version should be clear, clean, and proofread. You should also follow proper MLA page format. This will ensure that your essay is presented as the best it can be.

An essay plan is an outline that will guide you as you write. It will give you a logical order of your ideas and points, and will prevent you from writing an essay that's filled with jargon. A plan will also relieve the pressure that you will feel when writing. For example, you can plan the number of points you will use in your introduction and how many points you'll need to discuss in order to reach the conclusion.

A half-hour brainstorming session can also help you decide on the subject. Write down your thoughts on the subject area, the scope of the question, and sources to reference. Using an outline will help you stay organized, determine how much information you need to include, and avoid plagiarism. Also, it will help you determine the scope and balance of your essay.

A thesis statement should be stated in one to two sentences, anticipating the question "why?" The thesis statement should include your argument or claim. It should be followed by evidence to support your claim or conclusion. Continue this process until you have written an essay outline with a thesis statement. When the outline is complete, you can begin writing the body of your essay.

Essay paragraphs should have a focus and should be 200-250 words. For example, if your essay is 1500 words, then you should divide it into 5-6 sections, each of which should contain two to three sentences.