Helping Your Teen Write a Good Essay

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Helping Your Teen Write a Good Essay


Helping your teen write a good essay begins with teaching them the art of thesis statement construction. A thesis statement is the core of a good essay, and it will serve as the guide for the rest of the paper. Your teen should be able to formulate a thesis statement by identifying questions about a topic and turning those questions into a hypothesis. The body of the paper will then prove or disprove this hypothesis.

The essay form is a versatile, fun format that teaches rhetorical thinking. Despite the fun nature of the format, it is likely that your teen has never been taught how to write one before. That's probably because they've never been taught the format and never cared if they wrote a good one.

The teen years are a crucial stage of life, and they need strong parental support to make it through. Choosing an essay topic that explores teen life is an excellent way to help your teen prepare for school exams and college level exams. This piece of writing will show that you understand the importance of teen life and can be effective when writing about a subject that you know a little about.