How to Make the Most of a Paperwritingboard


How to Make the Most of a Paperwritingboard


A paperwritingboard is a useful tool for jotting down thoughts or planning a project. However, it’s not always easy to erase on computer sheets. You can often end up with faded writing or even rip up the entire page. The disadvantage of this writing surface is that you can’t customize it as much as a paperwritingboard. So, how do you make it a productive writing tool? Listed below are some tips to make the most of a paperwritingboard.

First, use a shitajiki. This flexible plastic writing board is designed to prevent indentations in paper and protect the writing surface. The shitajiki is 2 mm thick and soft, and has a sticker that labels it. However, shitajiki may not fit perfectly inside certain notebooks, as it has a margin that rests right on the spine. A paperwritingboard with a shitajiki is slightly awkward to use.

Paperwritingboards can be portable, and some can even be used as notepads. While digital notepads are the latest craze among younger people, there is still a place for traditional paper. In addition to the portable LCD digital notepad, JONZOO has a premium solution for you. It is also lightweight and useful. Its portability makes it a popular choice for writers of all ages. And because of its portability, it is a better choice than a pen.

The paperwritingboard is a great solution if you don’t want to invest in a pen and paper. It allows you to write on it several times, wipe it off with a duster, and reuse it for years. You can also hang it on your wall, allowing you to write on it anytime you want. The U Brands Magnetic Dry Erase Board is another great choice for writers. It measures 23 by 35 inches and fits in a standard wall frame.