Innovative Paperboard Packs With a Tear-Open Spout


Innovative Paperboard Packs With a Tear-Open Spout


A paperboard pack with a tear-open pour spout is an excellent example of packaging innovation. The tear-open spout is a revolutionary feature in paperboard packs, and it is now patented by Somerville Packaging of Montreal, Canada. The Kraft Canada Minute Rice paperboard pack is available in 700-gram and 1.4-kg boxes. Its spout, which features an inner diameter of 8.6 mm, is the result of years of research and development.

Kraft paper adds aesthetic value to the packaging and is a durable, reusable material. Several film materials are used in the construction of spout pouches, including kraft paper. Aluminum foil offers a relatively long shelf life, as much as 20 months. Metalized film is less durable than aluminum foil, but offers an enhanced aesthetic value. Metalized film is typically used for low-cost packaging solutions that need barrier protection.