The Companion to the Lords of Papers

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The Companion to the Lords of Papers


The Lords are entitled to receive one copy of every paper presented to or laid before the House of Commons. This includes all bills, reports, and other working papers of the House. Many of these papers are also available for purchase from the Library. The Library also provides information on how to order parliamentary papers. Below are some examples of publications that are made available to the Lords. Listed below are some of the most popular and useful publications.

House of Lords Parliamentary Papers are working documents created by the government, covering a variety of policy areas. They are now available in an online database, developed in collaboration with the National Library of Scotland. The documents can be read online or downloaded for personal use, and are being added to the Library’s Databases by Subject lists. It is advisable to consult the House of Lords’ website for more information. The Companion outlines the rules regarding how to obtain these documents and is updated on a regular basis.