How to Avoid the Phrase “Click Here to Read More”

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How to Avoid the Phrase “Click Here to Read More”


The phrase “Click here” can kill your search engine optimization efforts. Search engines read web pages and follow links to determine context. The “Click here” phrase removes half of the context that Google uses when deciding where to place a page. Instead, use more meaningful words or phrases to link to a page. Here are some ways to use the phrase “Click here to read more” to enhance your search engine optimization efforts.

First, avoid using anonymous links. Anonymous links are everywhere on the web. These links are often marked with a different color, and the destination isn’t always obvious. Rather than directing users to a single page, use “Click Here” or “Read More” as the link text. These two phrases make users think that the content is more relevant than the text surrounding it. While this approach may sound actionable, it slows them down and increases their cognitive load.

Second, avoid ambiguous links. A ‘Click Here’ or ‘Click More’ link is incongruous, and may lead to confusion if the user doesn’t know what they’re looking for. For example, “Click Here” doesn’t make much sense without a context. Also, avoid using words such as “it” or “this” that don’t make sense without context.